"Olha agora para os céus, e conta as estrelas, se as podes contar. E disse-lhe: Assim será a tua descendência..."

Persecution in Maldives

Pray for the persecuted!

The collection of over two hundred islands South West of India’s tip is known as the Maldives. On these islands the law requires all citizens to be Muslim. The government considers this to be vital in stimulating national unity and maintaining its power.

Since the government regards itself as the protector and defender of Islam, discrimination against non-Muslims is systematic and total.

Churches are forbidden, it is against the law to import Christian teaching materials and foreigners who visit the country are immediately deported if Christian materials are found in their luggage.

In 1998, all known Christian foreigners who were suspected of missionary work were expelled. Foreigners are currently allowed to practice their religion in private as long as they do not gather for Christian activity or try to witness.

Being one of the least evangelized countries on earth, there are only a handful of indigenous believers in Maldives. These Christians practice their faith individually and in extreme secrecy for fear of being discovered.

Although almost the entire population of the Maldives supports the Islamic laws, many simply go through the motions of the religion without understanding it.

Occupying the 5th position on the Open Doors World Watch List, much prayer is needed for the souls of the people of these islands.

Source: Open Doors USA

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