"Olha agora para os céus, e conta as estrelas, se as podes contar. E disse-lhe: Assim será a tua descendência..."

Persecution in Nigeria

Pray for the persecuted!

Persecution of Christians is driven by Islamic extremists. In the Sharia states of the north,there have been many attacks on churches and Christian communities in which believers were wounded or killed. In the last year, an estimated total of 1,000 Christians died through persecution. About 5 million Christians are believed to be under intense pressure as a result of their faith. The Boko Haram sect (an Islamic extremist group) has become a serious threat. From 2009 to date they have destroyed over 50 churches and killed approximately 10 pastors.


For healing for Christian families who are bereaved through vicious attacks

Thank God that the church is strong and that Christians express their faith with confidence

For wisdom for Christian President Goodluck Jonathan governing a Muslim majority population.

Source: Open Doors USA

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