"Olha agora para os céus, e conta as estrelas, se as podes contar. E disse-lhe: Assim será a tua descendência..."

Persecution in Egypt

Pray for the persecuted!

Since the revolution of January 2011, levels of violence against Christians have increased. Salafi Muslim attacks on churches led to the massacre at Maspero where the military did nothing to protect Christians and even participated in the killings. In rural areas, Copts are constantly terrorized, while security forces turn a blind eye; Coptic girls are abducted and forced into Islamic marriages. Support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists is growing, but the army still retains power.


That God will bring peace and justice to Egypt through those who govern this country

For the church as it disciples and supports Muslim-background believers in secret

Thank God for the prayers of Christians and the increased unity between denominations.

Source: Open Doors USA

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