"Olha agora para os céus, e conta as estrelas, se as podes contar. E disse-lhe: Assim será a tua descendência..."

Persecution in Turkmenistan

Pray for the persecuted!

All unregistered religious activity is strictly illegal here and obtaining church registration can be difficult, if not impossible. Police and the secret services monitor Christian activities. This strict surveillance makes it difficult for churches to teach the gospel. The local authorities are hostile towards Christians; dozens of believers were detained for short periods in 2011. The printing and importing of religious literature is effectively banned. Indigenous believers face open hostility of family and community and come under constant pressure to recant their faith.


For Pastor Ilmurad who has been in prison since October 2010, sentenced to four years on false charges

For the translation of God’s Word into local languages

That government officials will be willing to register Turkmen churches and organizations.

Source: Open Doors USA

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